Jun 28, 2024

The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization, Centro Caribe Sports, continues to positively surprise with the organic campaign HUELLAS, aimed at positioning the efforts of athletes from Central America and the Caribbean on their way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

With 30 days to the Olympic Games, and along with a series of reports and audiovisuals, the “Abanderados” series begins, which focuses on the digital positioning of the athletes.

This series consists of postcards of those responsible for carrying the flag of the member delegations of the organization, in the Opening Ceremony on the night of July 26, illustrated by the production team of the organization, which enhances the value as the identity of all countries, highlighting the athletes as Olympic hopes of the region in the Paris 2024 Games.

HUELLAS is the campaign designed by Centro Caribe Sports, which surprises every day, showing a new activity within the project. It is expected that in the 2024 Olympic Games the surprises of this initiative will continue.

31 countries will leave their unforgettable footprints in France.


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