Jun 29, 2024

Marileidy Paulino‘s career left the oval of the 400 meters, and turned each stride into inspiration and admiration, her achievements make her one of the most followed athletes in the world in view of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

With 27 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, her name is one of the most sought-after on the competition calendar for Paris 2024.

However, behind every great athlete there is a great coach. In this case, his name is Yaseen Pérez Gómez, who has been the potter of this diamond, from San Gregorio, in the south of the Dominican Republic.

With the arrival of the month of July, Paulino’s identity grows every day, on billboards in the different regions of the island of Quisqueyana.

The work is transferred to his base of preparation in Spain, where Yaseen Perez, together with his team where complements the physiotherapist, Maykel Dihigo, fulfill a rigorous stage, for the first time together, since this same so important phase between athlete and trainer were made at a distance.

Yaseen Pérez and Marileidy Paulino, during a training session at their training base in Spain (Credit: Supplied).
Yaseen Pérez and Marileidy Paulino, during a training session at their training base in Spain (Credit: Supplied).

At full speed to be at the top of its conditions, with flashes of a progressive wisdom, it is drawn since ancient times between practice and theory, this team has managed to draw its tracks to Paris 2024 in both cases.

Their dream is to change the color of the medals won in Tokyo 2020 and sentencing a year of great achievements for the Caribbean gazelle.


The base city of preparation for the Olympic medalist is Castellón, which means Small Castle, and it is the calm environment in the Iberian Peninsula, where the physical and psychological preparation of Marileidy Paulino, recently named among the 9 athletes ambassadors of Panam Sports, is adjusted, and the dates are narrowing and the Olympic calendar puts us a few days before the parade of the Seine.

On July 11, the athlete will be in the region of Mulhouse Alsace, France, joining the camp of the Pan American sports organization, which will have some 370 athletes from 31 countries, who are going to French soil in search of an Olympic dream.

August is a month where Dominicans hope to see their greatest sports ambassador shine. The tracks of the last 30 days are vital to achieve the maximum results in an Olympic Games, and as they say in Quisqueya: Falta ese chin.

On August 5, the women’s 400m competition begins at the Stade de France, scheduled for 11:55 a.m. Paris time (5:55 a.m. Dominican time).

Written by Salvador Almea


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