Aug 30, 2023

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Medical Commission of Centro Caribe Sports, informed that Giorgio Gomez of Colombia, Bryan Marrero of Puerto Rico and Marifelix Sarria of Cuba, presented violations to the anti-doping rules of the regional sports organization, during the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

In the final report of the Commission chaired by Dr. Hans Larsen, it reveals that the violations were consistent with Adverse Analytical Findings (AAF).

The first case was of Giorgio Gomez, Colombian surfer, who in a urine sample taken on June 29, the result reported hormone and metabolic modulator/clomiphene and its metabolites 4 hydroxy methoxyclomiphene, a prohibited substance belonging to group S4.

In the case of Bryan Marrero, Puerto Rican member of the baseball team, a urine sample was also taken on June 23, and Marifelix Sarria, Cuban weightlifter, with the same test method, done on June 27, the results of both indicated anabolic steroids (AAS): GC/C/IRMS, results consistent with the exogenous origin of Boldenone, prohibited substance belonging to group S1.

The athlete Sarria will be deprived of the gold medal obtained in the Clean & Jerk modality of the +87 kg category, when the case is finalized and the corresponding disciplinary sanction is applied to her. The Cuban lifted 152 kilograms in her third attempt. In addition, she placed fourth in the snatch mode.

The Medical Commission informed that the athletes and National Olympic Committees involved were notified as indicated in the Anti-Doping Rules of Centro Caribe Sports in accordance with the international standard of results management of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

During the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, 640 out-of-competition and in-competition urine, blood and dried blood samples were collected for 0.46 percent of positive cases (ADVR), the lowest percentage in the history of our games.

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