Feb 27, 2023

49 years of the XII Central American and Caribbean Games, the first held in the Dominican Republic, coinciding with the greatest national holiday of any nation, the day of its Independence.

179 years of the libertarian forge of its heroes, with the special sporting prelude of having achieved a feat in the south of the continent: its qualification to the Men’s Basketball World Cup to be held in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia next summer.

Wiche García Saleta, ideator and promoter of the XII Central American and Caribbean Games, he leads the parade of the Dominican delegation at the inauguration on February 27, 1974. Source: (Revista Ahora)

On February 27, 1974, the opening ceremony was held in Santo Domingo, where the 23 countries that at that time were members of CACSO (today Centro Caribe Sports) were present, including Bermuda, which for the first time attended with athletes.

Postage stamp for the XII Central American and Caribbean Games 1974. (Photo: Centro Caribe Sports)

Cuba showed its power for the time by surpassing the hundred gold medals with 101 medals, with figures such as Alberto Juantorena in the 400 m, Teofilo Stevenson in boxing, and future glories that were present in Santo Domingo to be crowned in the Games that brought together 2052 athletes in 18 sports.

Amauri Cordero was the first gold medal of these Games for the host country. Now, the Dominican Republic assumes new challenges in Central American and Caribbean sports, with its recent sporting and managerial development placing it at the regional sporting epicenter; it is the sub venue of the Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023, hosting seven sports: taekwondo, canoeing, modern pentathlon, equestrian, clay pigeon shooting, racquetball and field field hockey.

Organizational experience that will allow them to hold the Centennial Games of Central Caribbean Sports in Santo Domingo 2026, where it will host the important date for the sports organization with the oldest regional Games in the world.

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