American and
Caribbean Beach Games


The Central American and Caribbean Beach Games is a multi-sport beach event organized by CENTRO CARIBE SPORTS every four years, where all countries affiliated to this institution can compete.

They were created by the Assembly of the organization, when it bore the name of “Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (ODECABE)”, in the month of October 2019 organized in Panama, where the authorities of Santa Marta presented the candidacy of the same, in a 116-page dossier comprising 22 chapters with the aspects of the same, in terms of organization, technical sports projection and services to the participating delegations.

In November 2021, the venue was presented to the General Assembly held in Cali, Colombia, in person, showing the details of the venue to the members.

On March 11, 2022, a survey was sent to find out the number of countries interested in competing in the Games, with a positive response from the vast majority of member National Olympic Committees.

On April 9, the Games were approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee of Centro Caribe Sports, indicating that Santa Marta 2022 will be held from November 19 to 26 of this year, in the city of Santa Marta (main venue) and the Municipality of Ciénaga (sub venue), belonging to the department of Magdalena in Colombia.

In this first version, more than 600 athletes competed in 10 sports and 26 member National Olympic Committees.

For this first venue, it was called I JUEGOS CENTROAMERICANOS Y DEL CARIBE MAR Y PLAYA, and from the following versions, it will have the Roman numeral of the edition and will be called: JUEGOS CENTROAMERICANOS Y DEL CARIBE PLAYA.

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