Mar 07, 2023

The Executive Committee of Centro Caribe Sports held a working meeting in Santo Domingo on Monday morning, headed by the first Vice President Jimena Saldaña, in a hotel in the Dominican capital.

This meeting was held prior to the inauguration of the headquarters of the Central American and Caribbean Organization, where the visit of the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, Olympic fencing champion, is expected.

Saldaña and the full members of the Executive Committee of Centro Caribe Sports, were attended by the Organizing Committee of the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games, Santo Domingo 2026, chaired by José Moreno, who explained to the executive authorities the progress and planning of the organization’s Centennial Games.

“We feel confident and happy with all the work interventions that have been carried out simultaneously, it is a very impressive effort that will lead us to the good development of the games in San Salvador and in the sub-venue of the Dominican Republic,” the executive commented to the end the meeting.

On behalf of the president of the organization, Luis Mejía Oviedo, the vice president described the meeting of the Executive Committee as successful, and congratulated the Santo Domingo 2026 Organizing Committee for the report presented to the members of Centro Caribe Sports.

“Today is a holiday for us, the organization (Centro Caribe Sports) will have its roots here in Santo Domingo, it is a great moment to publicize the strength of our organization that has come forward for so many years, and it is very important this day. It marks an important milestone in our history,” Saldaña pointed out.

Monegro highlighted the recovery of the legacy of the Pan American Games, held in 2003, as a contribution to providing the best games in the history of Centro Caribe Sports and guaranteeing the region of Dominican sports culture.

In addition to Monegro, on behalf of Santo Domingo 2026, Felipe Vicini, vice president; Carolina Mejía, mayoress of Santo Domingo, Carlos Iglesias, member, among other sports authorities.

The Dominican Republic will be a sub-host in seven sports of the sports program of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023, in canoeing, field hockey, pentathlon, racquetball, equestrian, sports shooting and taekwondo.

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