Jan 21, 2023

EL SALVADOR.- The Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN) and Centro Caribe Sports, developed this Friday, the workshop called “The Soul of the Games”, directed to the volunteer recruitment teams.

Among the invited public were representatives of the country’s private universities, the National Youth Institute (INJUVE), the Municipal Sports Institute of the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador (IMDER) and COSSAN volunteer staff.

Eduardo Álvarez, Centro Caribe Sports Secretary General. (Photo: COSSAN 2023)

One of the speakers was Eduardo Alvarez, secretary general of the regional sports organization, who gave a lecture on volunteer training.

“We hope that all the teams will be properly trained, that there will be a massive participation, that it will be a celebration for San Salvador, for the continent, for Central America and the Caribbean,” said Álvarez.

For his part, the president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, Armando Bruni, participated in the workshop with his presentation “Olympism”, as he considers that volunteers should know about the subject since they will be the face of the country before the international delegations that will come for the Games.

Finally, Sara Rosario Velez, vice president of Centro Caribe Sports, closed the workshop with a presentation on the legacy of volunteerism.

Sara Rosario Vélez, during her speak via ZOOM. (Photo: COSSAN 2023)

“After the Games, the number of children and young people who will come to the sports venues will be incredible,” said Velez, who is also president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee.

The head of the COSSAN2023 Volunteering Program, Hugo Salazar, was pleased with the results of the volunteering workshop. “The idea is for the teams to soak up the knowledge and support us in the process of recruiting young people,” said Salazar.


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