Feb 09, 2023

CARACAS.- Sunny afternoon in the Venezuelan capital, right next to the main avenue that leads to the Paseo Los Proceres, is the Skype Park Los Símbolos, numerous public we observe with interest the presence of many children with bicycles, we hear with astonishment a conversation between two children of about 6 years old approximately.

“Hurry up, Daniel is going to jump”; who is Daniel, we ask. “He is an alien, I don’t think you don’t know, he is Daniel Dhers, the boy who flies with the bicycle”.

In the background on his little iron horse is the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medalist.

Dhers is the legend who doesn’t want to be a legend, he is very active, BMX freestyle is coming to the Olympic Games in Tokyo and in the Olympic movement he is exploring it with his originality.

He is champion of the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, his first event of the Olympic cycle and prelude to Olympic participation. “It was the dream event and there I had to be.”

After a fall in his first outing, would the Freestyle legend not be on the first Pan American podium? Daniel cleared the doubts and was consecrated with an exhibition of talent that made him take the applause of the public on the green coast of San Miguel with 88.50 points. He made it to the Olympic Games and gave Venezuela a silver medal.

Culminating in Tokyo, he surprises with his arrival in Venezuela and organizes his first exhibition in a sector called La Cota 905, spaces where for years violence and other social morbidities were the protagonists.

“A day of joy in the Cota”, said the athlete, who along with other Olympic athletes Dhers took his ramp, his medal and the news digital trend began to give him that vision of bringing joy through sport to any area of Venezuela.

What is happening today at the Symbols?
We are in the Open where it all begins for a Reals welcome to Centro Caribe Sports, we are in the I Open Championship of BMX Freestyle in the modality of Street for the categories Junior Under 10, Amateur (Open and Women) and Flatland (Open).

“In this Street category, we had never done an event and we want to see how many street riders there are, because in many parts of the world they are more than park riders. We need to know how many of them are out here (street). We also don’t know what age and level most of the competitors are and this will be a good opportunity. That’s why we made it as open as possible,” Dhers explained to Juan Guerra, special envoy of Centro Caribe Sports and Centro Caribe Sports Channel.

Two international guest BMX freestyle exponents, Kieran Reilly (UK) and George Davoutian (Greece), will accompany the exhibition.

The Daniel Dhers Foundation builds joy in sports.

Getting people to support you to do the work you want is the greatest definition of the Daniel Dhers Foundation, this is one of our first events but we are open to support, sponsorships and invitations from any organization that works for the sport.

It is like studying and if there is no exam what are you going to study for. Competitions are needed. We are planning two or three more events in the rest of the country. Also internally as an organization to see how things work out. I know that for any crab that comes out organizationally, I have some experience but it is also giving the team the baton to achieve them together. Alone we get there very fast, but as a team we get further.

Until Paris 2024…

Talking about retirement is not easy for a human being like Dhers, but it is always the question at the end of his meetings with the media. That’s as far as I go competitively. I will be 39 years old and it will be my final challenge.

Daniel Dhers, offering some BMX Freestyle demonstrations at Paseo Los Próceres (Photo: Juan Guerra/Centro Caribe Sports).

Despite his commitments to his foundation, he is not neglecting his preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. “Every day I train a little bit.

If in San Salvador 2023 there was Freestyle, I would be there participating, I want to know that city and it is very emotional the events of the Olympic cycle, we hope that Centro Caribe Sports has it for the next events. Daniel Dhers comes from winning silver medal in the XII South American Games in Asuncion 2022.


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