Jun 22, 2023

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR – With the presence of the members of the Executive Committee, the meeting of the Bureau was held, led by the president of Centro Caribe Sports, Luis Mejía Oviedo.

During the session, Mejia Oviedo expressed his surprise in the company of his executives, when watching live one of the sports transmissions of the first day of competitions of the Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023.

“How excited I am to see that these games are already underway. To know that these games were put together in a year and a half should fill us with pride,” said the Olympic leader.

The also member of the International Olympic Committee indicated that despite the adversities and disbelief of many, San Salvador 2023 has been able to begin and thanked the Salvadoran government for keeping its word that the games would be a fact.

Mejía highlighted how the Organizing Committee of San Salvador (COSSAN) sought a solution to the difficulties that arose during the assembly of the most important sports event in the region.

The president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, Armando Bruni, as well as the executive director of the San Salvador 2023 Games, Dinora Acevedo, were invited to the executive meeting.

Bruni welcomed the directors of Centro Caribe Sports to El Salvador, in its capacity as host and highlighted the achievement that hosting the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games means as a country.

“It is gratifying that our country is hosting these games and that we have been able to do our homework. It has truly been a great effort by our nation,” said Bruni.

He emphasized that everything has been possible thanks to the joint effort of the Salvadoran government, COSSAN and COES. “We have come together and with a vision of progress.”

“Things in El Salvador are changing and these games are the living example,” added the Olympic leader of El Salvador, who thanked the vote of confidence given to the country.

Dinora Acevedo began her speech by saying “the long awaited date has arrived”.

Acevedo offered a detailed report of everything related to the assembly of the games and all the expectations.

“I congratulate the entire team that has accompanied us during this time, because it has not been easy,” he said.

During the meeting of the executive committee of Centro Caribe Sports, those in charge of the different commissions that make up the entity gave a report.

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