May 19, 2023

SANTO DOMINGO.- Mauro Grandio, Racquetball International Technical Delegate, labeled the racquetball facility in the Dominican Republic as a first class venue that can host world level tournaments. 

Grandio gave his thoughts during an inspection visit in the Caribbean country that will host the racquetball competitions as part of the XXIV Central American Games in San Salvador 2023. 

“This is a first class venue where you can host any type of racquetball event. This country can host world tournaments because the facility meets all the requirements needed,” said Grandio.

Racquetball facility repair materials in Santo Domingo. (Photo: Santo Domingo 2026)

Grandio also thanked the Dominican Republic for taking the challenge of organizing the racquetball tournament, which helps the El Salvador games. 

“I will always be thankful for the work your country has done. Without you, El Salvador wouldn’t be able to host the racquetball tournament,” he added. 

Grandio, who is also Director of Competitions for the International Racquetball Federation, said that the people in charge of the event have the experience to organize a successful event. 

During the meeting, Grandio discussed important topics about the racquetball tournament that included, technical manual, competition areas, volunteers, congress dates, transportation, doping, and others. 

Jose Monegro, president of the Organizer Committee for Santo Domingo 2026, said during the meeting that the goal is to have the installations in optimal conditions for the disciplines that will be held in the Dominican Republic as co-host for seven sports in the 2023 games. 

The reparations in the racquetball facilities are being supervised by the Sports Ministry and the Organizing Committee. 

Monegro praised the work of Francisco Camacho, the Dominican Republic Sports Minister, for his efforts making sure that the racquetball venue meets the requirements to host international events. 

Note y photo: Press Santo Domingo 2026

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