May 24, 2024

The Americas Continental Qualifier in Table Tennis has been the stage where eight new individual quotas for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have been distributed, with four places for each gender, where the Videna, located in the National Sports Village, a legacy of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, was the perfect setting for this event.

The nations of Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Cuba stood out by securing Olympic tickets, highlighting names such as Marcos Madrid and Arantxa Cossio, both from Mexico, and Andy Pereira from Cuba, as the athletes from the member countries of Centro Caribe Sports, who will leave great footprints in the South Paris Arena 4.

From July 27 to August 10, Table Tennis will be disputed in these Olympic Games, starting on the first day with the rounds of singles and mixed doubles, where the latter modality will be delivering the first medals of this sport on July 30.

While women’s singles will award the matches for the medals on August 3, men’s singles will have the events for the podiums on August 4, and the men’s team medals will be played on August 9, and the following day, in the women’s division.


Cuba, which had already secured a quota in Table Tennis for these Olympic Games thanks to the mixed doubles pair formed by Jorge Campos and Daniela Fonseca, at the Pan American Games of Santiago 2023, now added an additional place with Andy Pereira, who won the last key of the tournament in Lima. This achievement highlights the continued success and dedication of the Cuban team in this discipline.


Mexico also secured two quotas thanks to the outstanding performance of Marcos Madrid and Arantxa Cossío.

Madrid, who will participate in his second Olympic Games after his debut in Rio 2016, and Cossío, who showed great emotion on social networks for his qualification, will represent their country in Paris.

The Mexican shared in her social networks the emotion of this achievement: “I don’t know how to explain the feeling I am feeling right now when I think that a 9-year-old girl left her parents to live with her Tita and practice the sport that had stolen her heart without having the slightest idea of what could come”.

She continued reflecting on her sacrifice and dedication: “The girl who has been away from her family for months in order to continue practicing what she loves and who is now about to fulfill the dream of every high-performance athlete, to represent her country in the Olympic Games.


It is important to note that the quotas obtained in this Table Tennis qualifier are nominal. However, the final participation of each athlete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will depend on the selection made by the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of their respective countries.

This means that, although the players have earned their places through performance, the NOCs have the final say on who will represent their country at the global event.

With these new spots secured, the Latin American representation in this sport for the Olympic Games promises to be strong and competitive. The dedication and effort of these athletes reflect the Olympic spirit and the desire to achieve excellence in the sport.

The Latin American Table Tennis community will celebrate these achievements, and the world will watch closely as these athletes prepare to compete on one of the most prestigious sporting stages on the planet. Paris 2024 will witness the talent and passion that these athletes have shown on their way to the Olympic Games.

Written by Helen Acevedo


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