Jul 01, 2023

PALMAREJO, Dominican Republic.- Yvonne Losos fulfilled the expectations, closed leading the score with 75.519 in the freestyle test and gave the Dominican Republic its first two gold medals in the equestrian training of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023.

The Quintana Roo rider, with Idwivaretto, won the individual and “overall” modalities.

The event took place at the Palmarejo Equestrian Center, in Santo Domingo, sub-venue of the regional sports games.

With her triumph, the Quisqueyana revalidates the title she won in the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla, in Colombia, held in 2018, where she also added two golds and a silver.

With her award she makes history in Dominican equestrian as the first rider to give a gold medal to the country, as a sub-venue and also the first to do so at the competition venue.

In the individual category, she was joined on the podium by Juliana Gutiérrez Aguilera, from Colombia, who rode Planissimo and won the silver medal, while Roberta Foster, from Barbados, who rode Chichic, won the bronze medal.

The gold medal was presented to Losos de Muñiz by José P. Monegro, President of the Organizing Committee of the Santo Domingo 2026 Games; the silver medal by Carmen Barrera, of the International Equestrian Federation and Manuel Ramos, Vice President of the Dominican Olympic Committee and President of the Dominican Federation of Equestrian Sports.

In “Overall”, the general sum of the three events, Losos de Muñiz had 215.189 for first place. She dominated all the events with 69.743; 69.927 and closed with 75.519. 

She was awarded on the podium by Mr. Luis Mejía Oviedo, President of Centro Caribe Sports. The silver medal went to Gutiérrez, who totaled 208.411, accumulating 69.118; 67.243 and 72.050. He received the award from the hand of César Gill, President of the Pan American Federation of Equestrian Sports.

The bronze went to Mexico’s Carlos Maldonado, who rode the equine Frans. He totaled 208.193. He had 68.456; 68.493 and 71.244, the three days of competitions. The medal was presented by Manuel Luna, from Centro Caribe Sports.

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