Dec 27, 2022

SANTO DOMINGO – The President of the Organizing Committee of the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026, swore in this Tuesday the members of the Communications team of the great regional sporting event.

The team is made up of journalists Hugo López Morrobel, as Communications Director, Rafael Martínez Rodríguez, in charge of Press and Armando Soldevila Brea, in charge of New Information Technologies.

López Morrobel is a veteran and renowned journalist who has been sports editor of different newspapers for more than three decades. Martínez Rodríguez has more than 35 years of experience in sports reporting, while Soldevila Brea has worked in different public and private institutions, as well as in sports radio programs.

José P. Monegro, President of the Organizing Committee, accompanied by engineer José Manuel Ramos, third Vice President of the Committee, swore in the communication professionals, highlighting the challenge that this team will have in the assembly of the Santo Domingo 2026 Games.

“We are in an era in which important advances have been made in communications and the Central American and Caribbean Games of 2026 must set an example in terms of communication,” said Monegro.

He reminded them that the communications team has the responsibility to keep the country well informed about the entire organizational process and the realization of the Santo Domingo 2026 Games.

He added that the country and the Organizing Committee are making history with the staging of the Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026, as this is the third regional sporting event to be organized by the Dominican Republic.

The country has hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1974 (Santo Domingo) and 1986 (Santiago), as well as the 2003 Pan American Games.

“These will be the Games of the 21st Century. They are called to be the Games of Sports Technology. That will be a legacy that we hope to leave to the country,” he said.

He expressed his joy at being able to count on the presence of renowned professionals in sports communication, with whom he and López Morrobel have a close bond of friendship.

López Morrobel, Soldevila and Martínez expressed their gratitude for being taken into account to develop such an important task in the organization of the Games.

They expressed their willingness to do their best to contribute to the successful staging of Santo Domingo 2026.

Source: Press Santo Domingo 2026

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