May 25, 2024

Will athletes be able to perform at their best with a vegetarian menu? Discover the details of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which will begin on July 24, with the start of men’s soccer and rugby sevens, but with an Opening Ceremony on the evening of July 26, the Parisian city will be full of life with the Olympic party.

Thousands of athletes from different countries will leave their hearts on the field to make it to the podium, who will stay in the Olympic and Paralympic Village, designed specifically for their accommodation.

Weeks away from the long-awaited sporting event, all factors such as security, food, medical services, and everything necessary for the athletes to be comfortable and maintain their performance to the maximum have already been thought of.

In terms of food, the focus on providing more vegetables than animal protein has generated several controversies, raising the question of whether these changes could affect sports performance.

In charge of overseeing the food supply at the Olympic Games is the company Sodexo Live! This company has ensured the creation of 500 recipes to be offered to athletes in the Olympic Village.

The menu, created by renowned chefs, will feature pasta, freshly baked bread, cheeses, vegetables and gourmet dishes. In addition, it was revealed that there will be a bakery area where workshops will be organized so that athletes can make their own breads, take-out food stands, and different types of gastronomy that will focus on the following regions: French, Asian, African and Caribbean.

To guarantee an ecological event, the organizers ensured the exclusive use of reusable plates and affirmed the use of seasonal products for the preparation of the food, 80% of which will come from France. This event will be the first in its history with 100% vegetarian food.

Written by Helen Acevedo


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